Oral Histories of the Land Dialogue Program

oral-histories-of-the-land-feb-16-poster1On Thursday, February 16, at 7 pm the Cooperstown Graduate Program (CGP) will host Oral Histories of the Land. This program will share stories about the environment from CGP’s archive of oral history interviews and use them in a facilitated discussion about land use and the role of the environment in our lives. The oral history clips reveal how land use in Central New York has changed during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, local viewpoints on current environmental issues, and why the earth matters to people. This event promotes dialogue on these themes and encourages new perspectives on how we relate to the natural world.
The public is encouraged to attend this free event to explore how our experiences affect how we think about the earth. Join us for a fun, unique opportunity to hear old and new stories and connect with your neighbors.
 Oral Histories of the Land is part of CGP’s Community Stories project, which has been collecting and sharing the stories of histories of Cooperstown residents and other Central New Yorkers for over fifty years. The oral histories cover a wide range of topics, such as the environment and farming, family and community, tourism, rural healthcare, and activism. The goal is to document the history of Central New York’s rural communities and use their stories to promote discussions which connect participants with the past and with each other.
The free event will be held at the Cooperstown Graduate Program’s building at 5838 State Route 80, Cooperstown. The program will begin promptly at 7 pm on Thursday, February 16. Call 607-547-2586 for directions or additional information.
[Oral history selections for the program are here: https://listentoeveryone.com/oral-histories-of-the-land/]

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