Starting to Recycle

Carol Malz, Interviewed by Karina Kowalski, November 21, 2017
Location of Interview: Davenport Center, New York

DSC_1311Carol Malz was born in 1962 and grew up on Long Island. She lives in Oneonta, New York and works as a lawyer. During her time as president of the Otsego County Conservation Association, she started the organization’s annual Earth Festival. At the Earth Festival, people in Otsego County come together to recycle.
KK: What was it like seeing the whole community come together to recycle like that?
CM: When they first started recycling up here people were sort of resistant. But I think it’s now a habit for most people, which is really nice like once you get into it you just know you don’t throw that out in the garbage you put it in that can. So it shows how people can adjust quite easily if they just stop resisting. It does work to have the recycling. It’s a good thing.
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Photo courtesy Otsego County Conservation Association.