Square Dancing

David Petri, Interviewed by Julie Broadbent, November 14, 2010
Interview Location: Cooperstown, NY

5 Petri_SquareDance
David Petri runs a maple syrup business in Cooperstown, New York. David is a longtime resident of Cooperstown, and grew up visiting his grandparents’ nearby dairy farm. In this clip he talks about the house dances his grandparents used to host.
DP: They had house dances, my grandfather was a square dance caller and he played the guitar and when they had a square dance they cleaned out three rooms in the house. Usually the dining room and the two parlors, the living room parlor, take the furniture out on the porches. He sat in the middle room and called the dances. My grandmother said you could hardly breathe the dust was so thick in the old houses.
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