Spring Water Pollution

Raymond Key, Interviewed by Colin Walfield, November 16, 2011
Location of Interview: Fenimore Art Museum Research Library, Cooperstown, New York

cgp-037_df939e4d73Raymond Key was born in Cooperstown, NY in 1935. He moved to Pierstown, New York with his family in 1944 or 1945 and acquired a dairy farm there. He lived with his parents, three brothers, a sister, and a cousin. He has worked the farm for most of his life, but also has a recent career as a state licensed wildlife management practitioner. In this story, Mr. Key is talking about the water supply on his farm.
RK: Well I think something that a lot of people don’t realize that they should start thinking about more is our water supply. A good water supply, we’re losing it. For drinking water. Now my house, my farm is all on spring water. The farm up there, that’s gravity fed, we don’t even have a pump on it. The water runs freely. Three houses, the barn, and the cows. It’s self-flowed, runs right to the barn. Up on my house where I live in Pierstown, that’s all spring. The farm when we had it up there was all spring. I think that with this drilling and spoiling the water with doing things, building houses and stuff, we’re losing a lot of our good water supply and I think that we should be thinking about it.
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