Sheep Parade

Dorothy Bolton, Interviewed by Emily Hopkins, November 14, 2012
Location of Interview: Burlington Flats, New York

4 Bolton_SheepDorothy Bolton is a lifetime resident of Burlington Flats, New York. She grew up as the daughter of a maple syrup producer and married a dairy farmer. Though farming remained a major aspect of Mrs. Bolton’s life, she held a career within the Edmeston school system for 32 years. She held various positions within the school from cafeteria worker to classroom aid to her final position as secretary to the guidance office. In this story, Mrs. Bolton is talking about her neighbor’s father and his sheep.
DB: They said, “The sheep were coming.” And I said, “What sheep?” Well, they owned sheep, way up on the hill. It was probably two miles. They drove them down the road. It, of course, was a dirt road. Sheep, they were driving down the road, and they put them in a barn behind the house right there in the village. And you see sheep coming down the road, herding them like cows. It was amazing to me because I was a little girl then. I thought that was the biggest event of the year, having sheep come down the road.
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