Morning Chores

Lynn Green, Jr., Interviewed by Sarah Budlong, November 13, 2010
Location of Interview: Hartwick, New York

8 Green_Chores
Lynn Green, Jr., is an attorney in Cooperstown, New York. Mr. Green was born in Oneonta, New York on May 15, 1945 and grew up on a farm in Hartwick, New York. In this clip he talks about doing chores on the family farm.
LG: Well, of course, I started going to the barn when I was seven years old and I’d go in the morning. My father would get up, his standard line was, “We’re late,” every morning, we’re always late. And we’d go down to the barn and, of course, we’d be milking cows. We had several milking machines. He did the milking, at first alone, when I was a kid. I would sweep the mangers out and put feed in for the cows. That was essentially my job, to feed the cows, and then I’d scoot up to the house, take a bath, and get ready for school.
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