Double Standards

Earle Peterson, Interviewed by Araya Henry, November 20, 2013
Location of Interview: Cooperstown, New York

7055fc48c02acdd49984193a493d3f99Earle Peterson was born in 1933 in Yonkers, NY. He grew up on a farm and became a veterinarian, specializing in work with large farm animals. He met his wife while they were both studying at Cornell, in Ithaca, NY. Dr. Peterson ran a veterinary practice in New Jersey, and now lives in Cooperstown, NY. In this story, he talks about the women at Cornell.
EP: And so, I went to Cornell. That was in 1951. Students went to school to study; they had fun on the weekends. I think it was a lot more rigid than it is now.
Girls who lived in the dormitory, and they had to live in the dormitory, they had to be in the dorm signed in by 10:30 every night, and if they weren’t they were assessed minutes.
For every minute they were late they were assessed a minute, and if they got a certain number of minutes they were kicked out of school. I remember a gal who her sophomore year had gotten pregnant and she was kicked out of school; the guy wasn’t. That’s not really fair.
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