dsc_9449-e1497010415932.jpgCommunity dialogue programs encourage civil and productive conversation on topics of importance to contemporary society. They use oral history selections to spark dialogue on issues such as environmental sustainability, land and water use, women’s rights, and race and racism. Participants listen to short selections from oral history interviews and connect these narratives to their own lives as well as their communities. Oral history dialogue programs are a great way to build understanding among community members and facilitate new modes of civic engagement.

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Oral Histories of the Land

The stories in this theme explore the many ways people use land and water and the challenges that arise when balancing environmental sustainability and economic development.

Women’s Rights

The stories in this theme explore how women’s roles in society have changed over time. The oral history selections reveal the personal challenges and triumphs of women in the United States. They encourage new perspectives on how we think about women and politics, education, healthcare, and other important issues.